Still Living Still

Do you struggle to maintain peace when going through life’s trials and difficulties?

Abby Lewis was living life overwhelmed, until she learned to rest in God’s presence, allowing her to navigate the storms of life with a calm strength, courage and perseverance.

Abby shares vulnerably from her journey, revealing her heart for God and for others. It will encourage and uplift you as you see how the many trials, challenges, and difficulties brought her greater peace and a firm resolve, and profound freedom from fear, doubt, and worry.

From her personal story, you will discover:

· How to maintain your peace in a world of chaos and confusion.

· How to be led by the Holy Spirit daily.

· How to believe that God has a perfect plan for your life and embrace it fully.

· How to be free from the opinions and expectations of others.

· And how to learn and grow during trials rather than resisting God’s work in you.

Abby’s greatest desire is to share what God taught her, so that you can also find His peace, greater faith, and stability in Him, regardless of the circumstances.

If you want to navigate life’s trials with faith, courage, peace, joy, and steadiness, then Still Living Still is the perfect book for you.

Available in Paperback and Kindle.

What Others Say About The Book:

"I love, love, love Abby’s new book Still Living Still: Walking in Peace During Life’s Trials. She opened her heart and soul letting us have a deeper look into her life as a young woman with anxiety and a major health issue, a wife dealing with military life and a mother with a non verbal autistic child. This book will not only encourage your faith to grow but will stir your heart to dig deeper into God’s precious word to help you in your trials. Abby never lost faith that God was there helping her grow stronger with each situation. If you desire to have stronger faith and a closer walk with God read this book and allow yourself to embrace the powerful message that Abby sets forth. God bless you Abby Lewis for opening your life for all to see and showing us how faith in God and our Savior, Jesus Christ has changed your life and can change our lives also." ~RJF

"I could not put this book down until I read it from cover to cover. Abby is very transparent in this book. She give us an up close look into her life. She tells how she was able to overcome her trials in life and to have peace by pressing into the Lord and trusting Him. I highly recommend this book. ~VS

"Simply eye opening!! This book is so enlightening and speaks directly to your heart regardless of your personal situation. It's an amazing account of how only God can truly bring us the peace our hearts truly desire and long for. It spoke so deeply to me not only about my trials but those of each and every person In my family. Although we're all fighting different battles the answer is the same ! By chapter 5 I wanted to purchase a 1/2 dozen books to give out. You will not regret this purchase and in fact I can guarantee you that it will be a true blessing in your life.” ~KD

"Abby Lewis captures such beauty and strength in this book. It's a beautiful example of following the Holy Spirit and being a true fire starter for God! As a wife and a mother, I struggle to find the encouragement needed from books as they make me feel as though the author is out of touch, I DID NOT ONCE FEEL THIS WAY WITH Still Living Still. The words were just in time and the stories and photos are captivating. Simply Beautiful. Simply Honest. Simply Pure." ~KR