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Coaching Session with Abby Lewis

Hi Friend ~

Abby Lewis

What I feel qualifies me the most to help you move forward in your journey to freedom is not my degree or certifications, but my own life experience and personal story. I hit rock bottom in 2002 and went on a journey of truly discovering what it took to love myself well so I could heal and transform within my spirit, mind and body. I have been in the wellness field since 2005 and I have had the privilege of helping many people experience breakthrough.  I would be honored to help you as well. 

If you feel inspired and want to look deeper into the matters of your own heart so you are better able to Be Love and Give Love to the world around you, then I invite you check out the products and services I offer below. They give the necessary tools and inspiration for you to begin working on the deeper matters of your heart so you can experience breakthrough. 

Here is where I would suggest that you start:

Join my Love Yourself Well Facebook Group


Read my books

  • Living Still ~ Walking in Peace in the Midst of Life
  • Still Living Still ~ Walking in Peace During Life’s Trials

Listen regularly to my Meditation CD

  • A Breath ~ in Stillness

Subscribe to my Breakthrough Podcast Sessions

  • $30/Monthly Subscription through the Be Love Give Love Podcast Subscription Only Platform--Begin with Session #1
  • You will get access to Breakthrough Podcast Sessions, where I will be having a heart to heart conversation with my subscribers to keep them inspired and encouraged to continually show up for themselves…spirit, mind and body, so they can experience breakthrough.
  • You will get access to me sharing more of my own personal transformation and healing journey, along with wisdom I have gained over the years. I will dive deeper into the matters of the heart…the things that keep us from moving forward into our breakthrough. 
  • ***Important Note***  No matter when you decide to subscribe, it is best that you start on Day 1~Session 1 and work your way through the sessions. If you have any questions or have trouble subscribing please message me here
Book One-on-One Session with me
  • If you find you are still needing help moving forward, then I suggest booking a one-on-one phone or in person session with me. $88 for 88 minutes.
  • This is an opportunity to dive deeper into things that keep tripping you up from experiencing your breakthrough. 
  • As a subscriber you will get access to a one time only 50% discount for a 88 minute one on one phone or in person session with me, Coach Abby.


It’s time my friend. It’s time to take the next step. Change happens when you begin to make consistent effort in the right direction, and it is much easier when you have encouragement and support along the journey.

Thank you for trusting me to be your coach. I look forward to helping you move forward in your journey.