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When you step into Be Love Give Love you will be met with unconditional love and acceptance. We offer a peaceful atmosphere for you to enjoy, a listening ear, encouragement, hugs, tissues, and at times, when Coach Abby is available, nurturing hand massages. If you stay long enough and get hungry, we have light snacks and drinks on hand as well. This is all a gift to you so you can begin to heal, so more light and love can flow out of you to others.

Located: 818 S Main St Lillington, NC
Hours: Wed-Sat 11am-5pm

When You Buy, We Give.

While you visit Be Love Give Love, be sure to purchase some of our Be Love Give Love merchandise to help us spread the love with the BLGL message. Coach Abby's books and other items are also on hand for you to purchase, as well as booking breakthrough coaching sessions with Coach Abby or registering for her Heart to Heart Classes.

And remember when you buy, a portion of our profits go right back out to people in need for the continued efforts in spreading the love and lighting up the world around us.

God is Moving Powerfully

God is moving powerfully in and through Be Love Give Love.

At any time, if you feel led to give to help support what God has us doing, listed below are ways you can give. We welcome and greatly appreciate your support and donations.

♥️ Ways to Give ♥️
PayPal: @belovegivelove
Cashapp: @belovegivelove
Website: Donate Online
In Person: 818 S Main St Lillington, NC

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